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System and Disk Services

Ever find one of your treasured old systems games and controllers buried in your garage, covered in years of dust and funk? Want to share your childhood with your kids but years of blowing into the old Nintendo to get the cartridges to work (a rite of passage for those of us who grew up with these systems) has lead to disappointment when the game fails to load, crashes midgame or you find you can only play a small portion of your sizable collection of classic consoles and games.

GameSpace specializes not only in selling retro games and systems but saving your retro Gaming childhood. From cleaning to repairs we will do all we can to bring back any system or game.


Console  evaluation                 $10.00
Disc cleaning                            $2.00
Cartridge Cleaning                  $5.00

GameBoy GameBattery replacement  (Including battery)               $15.00