At GameSpace we take trade-ins from every era of video gaming.  Bring in your games/consoles and we will assess the value and offer a fair amount of money, or an even fairer amount of store credit.  We LOVE when people bring in games for cartridge systems, and these often bring the highest amount of trade in value.  Current generation titles are also on the top of our list as far as value is concerned.  Some things to note are:

  • We cannot provide pricing online or over the phone, we need to see the condition to see how much we are willing to offer
  • Price depends on more than the actual value of the item.  For example, if we have almost nothing of something, we’ll offer a lot more money then if we have tons of something
  • We are honest.  I have had people unexpectedly come in with things worth a lot more than expected.  There are even times that these items are well out of my budget.  In these cases, I will happily tell you what your product is worth, what I can offer, and how much you are likely to get through other channels.
  • Keep in mind that we don’t sell every game we buy and that effects value.  Out of 5 games we get in trade-in, we might sell 1 or maybe 2 of them.  This means we cannot always offer as much as expected as a number of them may have defects, be multiples of what we already have, or just necessarily be a good or sought after game.
  • If you trade in stolen property, we will cooperate fully with the police.  We have a video surveilance system and will provide the authorities with all the assistance that we can to ensure that   This is exceedingly rare, but has happened.  We will make every
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY!  Do not trade in the items if you are unhappy with the price offered.  If we have too many of something, and the ones we have aren’t selling, we will offer a lot less money for it.  That doesn’t mean that your product isn’t worth as much, but it does mean that it’s not worth as much to us.  We will still be here if you change your mind later.   The price may change though as the market does, so prices are always subject to change.