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  • New:
    • New consoles are warrantied by their respective manufacturers.
    • If you need any help getting service from these manufacturers (for an item purchased in our store), please come and talk to us.  We’ve dealt with these situations before and know how to deal with their technical support departments.
    • Agreeing to assist communicating with the manufacturer in no way binds us to ensure you receive a satisfactory resolution.
  • Refurbished:
    • Refurbished consoles come with a 90-day repair/replace warranty.
    • This DOES NOT include incidents where there is clear misuse or abuse of the console, or the console being used for uses other than originally intended.
    • In most cases, we will replace the defective part/system with another refurbish part/system, or a new one if a refurbished item isn’t available.
    • If no replacement can be provided, and the item cannot be reasonably repaired, a refund will be issued in the form of store credit.  The refund will include any games (in their as-sold condition) that you purchased with the console, but not any games purchased after the original sale, or games that have obvious signs of heavy use.


  • New:
    • New video games are warrantied by their original manufacturer.  If unopened, a new game may be returned within 14 days (see Return Policy below for more details).
  • Refurbished:
    • Refurbished video games come with a 14 day warranty.
    • If a game is defective in this period, the game will be either replaced or repaired.
    • All refurbished games also come with a 90 day resurfacing warranty.  If you run into trouble with a game and it is within this 90 day period, bring the game to GameSpace where we use our resurfacing machine to attempt to repair the issue.
    • Games not purchased at GameSpace, and games past the 90 day resurfacing warranty, can still be resurfaced, but the standard charge of $2 per disc applies.
    • This warranty DOES NOT include discs with concentric scratches (scratches forming a circle the entire way around the disc).  These scratches are caused by the system itself, are difficult for the console to read, and very difficult to repair.  We check all discs for concentric scratches when receiving, while processing, and before selling, and will not sell items with these types of issues.

Return Policy

We do not accept returns of:

  • Used Video Games
  • Used systems
  • PC games
  • Any New Video games(s) returned more than 15 days from the purchase date.
  • Any open new Video games(s)
  • Any product(s) that has been opened (taken out of its plastic wrap).
  • Any custom Non Stock orders over $50 (Non stock items includes special release magic/D&D/ Warhammer/systems)
  • Any Custom orders that contain illicit material and we deem not suitable for display.
  • All unsealed RPG D&D Books
  • Magic Singles
  • Escape room Tickets
  • Gift certificates

New Products must be accompanied by a receipt and sealed in original packaging. Packaging must be in it’s original as-sold condition. Video Games must be returned within 15 days of original purchase. All other gaming must be returned within 30 days. **Exception December returns will be extended to Jan 10.

Pre-owned games and consoles with defects are covered under the warranty process as stated above.

You are responsible for knowing your systems

In the event of a pricing error, we reserve the right to correct the price at the time of sale or restrict the sale of the item until further notice.

All returns will be made by Cash or Store credit. For this reason, same day credit card returns will be issued in Store credit.

All opened games will be treated as trade in and given trade-in value.

A 15% Restocking fee may be charged on any preorder returns, custom orders, and all credit card transactions over $100 which also includes the transaction processing fee and return shipping fees.

Private Sales

NO PRIVATE SALES whatsoever in and around the premises. Do not interfere with customers selling or trading games in the store. Asking to buy/sell an item from customers in or around the store will result in a ban.

Abandoned Property

If you leave an item in our store for any reason and it isn’t claimed within 60 days and there is no prior indication that you will claim it, then it becomes our property. We reserve the right to keep the item, sell or discard it at our discretion.

Items being repaired obviously do not fall under the 60 days policy and will be safely stored until repaired.  After repair, the store will make every reasonable effort to contact the device/game owner, at which time we will safely store the item for an additional 90 days after contact has been made.  After this period, the item becomes our property and we reserve the right to dispose of it.